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I feel like I was an ordinary military brat, except for the fact my father was an officer and we lived in a so called “glass house” so our actions were extremely important due to my father’s status.  My father would wake us up before school and do PT (physical training) and every evening after the family dinner he would have us watch videos of different subjects by Stephen Covey that talked about honesty, integrity, being ethical, how people perceive your actions, confidence, managing and leadership.  Let me tell you all of us kids just hated watching these videos.

Now I look back and I think “Oh my gosh, this was the best thing my father could have ever done for us, especially me”!  This exercise my father put us through, I today use many of the things I learned from those dreaded videos as a teenager.

I am not one of these people that can tell you about me being broke and down to my last penny, because that has never happened to me.  However, for many years I researched online businesses – The Good – The Bad – The Ugly!  I just knew in my heart and soul that I was going to be a successful person.

I currently live in the beautiful Pacific NW and run our family businesses.  We have an engineering consulting business, which you can read my bio page of my website  We have a vacation lodge that I manage and we have our horse ranch that I manage.

I know I sound pretty busy; however, I’m doing all these things with my family, the most important people in my life.

My husband Charley, whom I love from the bottom of my heart, has taught me all about being a “farm girl” as I use to be a “girly girl”.  My parents, Chuck and Annette, are the most loving and caring people in the world in my eyes!  My handsome son Shaun, his beautiful wife, Ashley and my one and only grandson Scout are my WORLD.  AND my best friend in the world – my sister, Andi, and of course her husband Bill and two adult kids Robbie and Alex, fill my life with so much joy.

I love helping people and making things happen. That’s just what I do!  I work on mega projects implementing leadership skills and I love to work with small business that just don’t know how important the digital world has become and give advice on the type of things to get them started.  I love training horses, as it has taught me patience that I never had.

So what kind of person do I see myself as?

A Leader!

What is a Leader?

Being a self-starter no matter what! Not waiting for someone to tell you how to do it, but finding a way no matter what!

Having a purpose! Plugging into your “WHY” and consistently refining your purpose.

Being humble, realizing we don’t have all the answers, we don’t have to be the person that is 100% right all the time AND being able to defer to other people is a sign of strength. We can ask for help and admit when we are wrong.  That is a sign of leadership.

To make ZERO excuses. We must find the answers.  We can’t allow the excuses to overwhelm us.

We must be coachable, we must be that person that wants to learn and be ready to soak it up, ask questions and think critically!

Communicating our vision in a way that people understand, in such a way that people want to follow you.

Being courageous enough to let go and to move forward,

That is what it takes to be a leader, a self-leader, a leader of ourselves!  Strong from the inside out.  Behaving, believing and embracing that exudes true self honor, the respect, the courage that it takes to be in that place….It Is Powerful!

This is how I see myself.  This is what I like to teach. This is who I am!


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